The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived

17 08 2011

I’m OFFICIALLY going back to my diet and exercise regime after letting it seriously slide to dangerously new lows.



Congratulations Shazlick and welcome to the family Champione. Lots of love to you both! xxx


Welcome Darcy!

4 07 2011

Congratulations to the lovely lovely Katy and Davey on their gorgeous new son, Darcy


I am assured that mother and son are doing well, and granny Ann is going bananas! I’m sure the new granpa ray, aunty Kirsten and uncle Ewan are also over the moon too. He’s a lucky boy to be born into such a fab family!

Catherine, as lovely as he is, and as happy as I am for you, I hope you realize what this has unleashed on this side of the fence! You think chez is gonna let this slide? She’s so clucky for grandkids it’s scary. Chezzy – if you are reading this – talk to Shannon about it…

Anyway, I really can’t wait to come home and see my extended Daley family and of course meet the baby! (you gotta meet the bay-by!)

Love to you all, give mr Darcy a hug for me til then. xx

And so it begins (again)

13 03 2010

Ok, Ive been slack – I’ve not kept a blog in so long, but in my defence I was striving for perfection in blogging – everything chronologically in its place, no trip left unblogged, etc. And when I dropped the ball on keeping blogging up-to-date I didnt bother picking it up again.

So – I am TRYING to relocate all the Euro blog to a new home so I have a fresh start here. But I cant figure it out. So here it remains for the time being.

This time round I am learning from my mistakes and I dont care if my blog is out of order, if I forget (or am just too lazy) to write up some experience. This time I am just going to write when I feel like writing to someone and cant decide on a recipient – saves me needing to tailor thoughts to ensure relevance and tact, censorship is never any fun even when its for the sake of friends and/or family.

So enjoy.

Or dont.

I dont care. (thats the point.)