Love in lorong 42

19 12 2011

Let me tell you about our favorite Singaporean aunty.

She works at the Vietnamese shop near our condo. And she looks after me and alma and the daily operating hours of 4pm-4am works with our hours of consciousness.

When I broke my wrist I had to eat something before I took one of the prescribed pain killers. Megan and I stopped in on the way back from hospital and of course I ordered the easiest meal to eat single handed – beef noodle soup. Aunty brought it over and proceeded to stir in the sauces and other ingredients for me, telling me about how it is good for my bone healing as the broth is made with bones and marrow stock.

I’ve never asked her name, and she doesn’t know our names either. But she knows were both coke zeros, I’m a Pho Bo and Alma is a stewed beef vermicelli. We know that she is worried about business now that the government aren’t renewing the leases on the Girly bars in the area and the police are doing raids – her Vietnamese working girls and their customers aren’t getting late nights suppers anymore.

She’s great. She’s sporting the same haircut as Alma at the moment so was only too happy to pose for a photo.


The closest I could find to a twin was one of the Vietnamese waitresses – although her colour is closer to my first attempt at going blonde in Singapore.


Anyway, it’s a great restaurant, the food us fabulous and cheap. The staff are lovely and it’s one if geylang’s hidden treasures. I hope it survives.

We had sone food and a catch up there tonight. Started with phil and i, then alma joined us aching from yoga

Martjin came down and bernie arrived for a quick coconut juice too.

Theres only one night til martjin leaves us fie Europe for good – will be sad without him here. I didnt see him very often, but wen i did he always had a story to tell and his company always made for a good night.





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