Save your eugoogily

18 09 2011

Alma, Mandy and I ran the 10km run in aid of the yellow ribbon foundation this morning. The run wound it’s way from changi village, up towards the airport and the last few km’s were through the changi prison facility. Which really looks more like a set of hdb flats with a big fence than a prison


Alma and I left for the race at 6.45, a full hour before the start, all we had to do was go the few mrt stops and grab a shuttle bus. Easy, and that part went fine, the bus ride was another story. The bus got stuck in traffic resulting from all the road closures due to the run. The race start time came and went as we entertained ourselves on the bus…


We got to the start line and off we went. It was a really hot day, no clouds, no breeze, so the run was a real challenge. I started strong with a good run/walk strategy and the first 2km were past before I even knew it, even getting to the drink station at 6km was quite alright. But at the station I really needed to pee, this overwhelming need, like I was going to wet myself! The line took forever and when I finally got to the tiny portaloo there was hardly anything, other runners – is this typical? Have you experienced this before? It happened again at the finish line too. Weird.

Anyway, gross anatomical things aside, after my pee-break I found it really hard to get back into the previous rhythm/excitement and from the 7km mark til about the 8.5km mark I was really starting to struggle. I dont know if it was the stop or if it was just that this section was pretty exposed to the blazing sun. From 8.5km onward the run was inside the existing changi prison compound and I think shade coupled with the view of the finish line spurred me on, but that last little bit was not too bad. I even managed to run for the last 500m to cross the finish line.

So now, I’m sunburnt, I’m tired, but I’m pretty happy to have made it through!




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