Baby got back

12 08 2011

My mum is very sweet. She sneaked (snuck?) a couple of extra surprises into my suitcase when she was helping me pack to come back to Singapore.

One of the surprises was a very cute black and cream tie-dyed sort of mini-dress with a zipper up the front.

I paired it with a belt and some leggings and strutted my Melbourne chic through the streets and into my office.

A-like so:

all well and good until around lunchtime when my sensitive chest skin started to be irritated by a scratchy bit on my ultra-chic zipper front dress. I had a look down the front in order to identify the irritant only to find…

My ultra-chic zipper front dress was in fact a run of the mill zipper back dress from katies and I just wasnt paying attention when I put it on this morning.

Not one to abide by rules, fashion or otherwise, I continued to rock my ultra-chic zipper front dress. Even if it meant tolerating the scratchy label for the rest of the day.





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