The verdict?

24 07 2011

Got to east coast parkway hospital.

Got my temperature taken, blood pressure taken, weight taken (as if I wasn’t feeling bad enough). Saw the doctor who complemented megans compression bandage work and sent me to X-ray.

The girl in radiology was really sweet. They are very careful about not xraying pregnant women so were alarmed at my report of the painters being away since may (bless my broken ovaries, sorry tmi). She made me sign a pregnancy waiver. When I explained exactly why I knew I wasn’t pregnant she laughed and ripped up my waiver and added a note to my file. “no activity. No husband. No boyfriend”. I didn’t know if my wrist was broken, but my heart was.

My X-ray went back to the GP. It looked like this

Basically there is a fracture at the top of my radius, a white line there. Because it’s right on the joint and on a diagonal the GP was expecting surgery, it freaked me right out.

I had to wait for the orthopedic surgeon who had a look and deemed it fit for just casting, so now I’m all bandaged up in a temporary splint until the swelling goes down, then I’m casted up for 6 weeks. Who is gonna sign it??

Meanwhile, Megan was a total champion who sat with me in the waiting room and sat in on the X-ray analysis with both the GP and the surgeon. She kept me distracted and laughing and kept me from completely freaking out when I thought I’d need surgery. It was so so appreciated and I couldnt have come through so well without it. Thanks a million megs

In other updates. I still haven’t had mango sticky rice.




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