The perils of hygiene

24 07 2011

I’ve had Bec and her cousin stay recently, and Megan after that. It’s been fantastic, but I was completely exhausted by the time Friday came with all the work and socializing i had squeezed in. Hence my excitement about traveling with Megan to koh samui for the weekend to meet up with Bec. Simone from Singapore was also joining us for the weekend, so it was a proper girls weekend!

Megan, Simone and I headed off on Friday night on Bangkok airways tiny plane for tropical koh samui in Thailand. We arrived at the bhandhari resort which is supposedly near chawang beach, although our attempt at walking to the main chewang shops when we landed was thwarted by the hotels security guard saying a.) the main street is an hours walk away and b.) we were walking in the wrong direction.

After changing direction and getting a cab we embraced the cheap cocktails, neon signage and thai massage parlours of chewang. Despite having possibly the worst Thai massage ever we were sated and tired and ready to rest in preparation for the coming weekend.

Saturday saw us discover the hotels pool. Beautifully set against the ocean backdrop.

…then we discovered the pool bar…

5 cocktails later, 3 very burnt and pickled bodies stumbled back to hotel rooms for showers and aloe Vera application prior to heading in to chewang main street to meet Bec and Sarah for some dinner and market exploration.

I got to eat my beloved tom yum gung and papaya salad – and a panadol and 3 soda waters to kill my sunburn headache – but, to my dismay, no mango sticky rice. That became my mission: mango sticky rice, or die trying!

We lost troops along the way, Simone took leave to have an ice bath, bec and Sarah kept powering through the DVD shops, but at the end only Megan and I were left standing.

We asked restaurant after restaurant for mango sticky rice and received so many blank stares in reply. Then finally…

“can I help you?”

“do you have mango sticky rice?”

“oh, with the Thai mango…?”


“and the sticky northern Thai rice?”


“and that incredible coconut cream poured over the top?”



“PRAISE GOD, ALLAH, BUDDHA AND BATMAN!!! A table for two and two serves of mango sticky rice please”

“oh, it’s sold out tonight. Something else perhaps?”


I’m the end we made do with a banana and nutella pancake and a much better Thai massage (although Megan went with the aloe vera and icepack massage option. She was fighting a case of sunburn on sunburn. Ouch)

That night we rubbed aloe into each others tanned hides (thats what friends are for) and quoted silence of the lambs “it rubs the lotion on it’s skin”. You can imagine our delight when we turned on the tv to find dr lecter on our screens. Quid pro quo clarice, quid pro quo.

We checked out of our hotel and tuk tukked straight to becs for one last swim. Was good fun to spend some quality time with megs and Bec. We went upstairs to have a shower and change before our flight. I thought I was brave facing water on my red shoulders, but on leaving the shower the wet marble got the better of the bathmat and red, naked and startled down I went straight onto my wrist.

I sat on the ground for a little while checking my wrist for bones sticking through or other deformities. Looked ok, but even without being able to do the twisting of a hockey stick wrist injury check (mighty ducks anyone?) I could tell it was sore.

Lucky Megan and Bec are medical professionals and have put a compression bandage on it. I’m going to head to the hospital when I get back to Singapore to have it looked at. Megan says were hoping for a sprain, but if not were going for a small undisplaced fracture. Cross your fingers for me (cos I can’t!)


I’ll update after the docs.

Regardless of the shitty finish. I had a great time with the girls and was so happy to spend time with them. And even more appreciative of them for looking after their clutsy friends.




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