Diversity Day

21 07 2011

Its diversity day at work today.

Im not entirely sure what that means – so far the buildup has been emails with old wives tales from different countries. For some reason it has more mysticism and interest when prefixed by “the Myanmar people believe…”. I’ve been trying to think of ones we could do for Australia.

The Australian people believe:
– You’re not in til you hit the curb
– Eating is cheating
– Bro’s before ho’s

It still doesn’t quite work. Maybe that’s why the diversity day emails have stuck to mainly SE Asian cultures and hasn’t included any western groups.

I quietly paid tribute to the western groups with my breakfast choice, a traditional Australian dish:

(Actually, they are the NZ weetbix, but whatever – it counts still)

I am officially exhausted at the moment though. I’ve had a great July with friend after friend visiting me (I plan on updating my blog about it, but I was busy tourguiding and didn’t get enough photos on my cameras – so guests, please send me through some photos or upload them to facebook so I can nick them for here). It’s been so nice to see old friends and catch up properly with them – I miss all my friends spread over the world. And although facebook and email and all the rest lets us keep a bit of involvement in each others lives, nothing can replace face to face catching up.  Im very lucky in that the friends I have (or at least the ones I have retained over the years!) are the good ones where you can go for these long periods in between contact and then pick up right where things left off. This is how it should work. Awkward silences and long “soooooo……um….how are things?….” just arent gonna fly.

The other great thing about having my friends come visit is getting to show off Singapore. I really love this city – there are lots of things that are crazy or frustrating or confusing here, but for the most part its an incredible city. And I’ve taken to tour guiding with gusto! I do a mean visitors schedule now. Although I feel a bit for Megan, as the last of my three groups of visiting friends for the month I feel I have neglected her a bit – I’ve had to make/keep appointments for grooming/music etc (a month is really too long to go without these things!) and havent been able to dedicate the whole night to showing her around. She is easy going though and we’ve still seen and done a lot together. But my energy is sapped and its a shame I cant be more enthusiastic.  This is my post-night safari image from last night:

Im gross and puffy and baggy eyed and pale…urgh. (Also – look at those forehead wrinkles! I’d better keep an eye on Groupon for botox specials.)

But to amend for my awful hostessing this time round, I booked megan and I a ticket to Koh Samui to meet bec and her cousin over the weekend. Im excited about this – a weekend on a tropical island sounds like exactly the sort of thing I need!

And then Australia for a week and a bit. I really cant wait for that.




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