Old habits die hard

12 07 2011

Im failing miserably in both diet and exercise at the moment.

I haven’t blogged in a week

I can’t even hold a conversation.

This is a bad patch.

Things will get better if I pick it up now though, my usual tactic is to let it slide. To keep eating badly because ‘it’s too late now, I’ve ruined it’. To use the excuse of a strained Achilles to be completely slothful. To not put up a blog post or reply to emails/messages because I don’t have anything to say.

But I can do something about all those. If I ate badly today it doesn’t mean I can’t do better tomorrow. If I can’t run because of my Achilles I can still swim or ride my bike. And since when has blogging ever been about having something to say? It’s just about filling the airwaves (or whatever the online equivalent is). Besides, even if today is beige, there’s no reason I can’t put something up for yesterday, or the week, month or even year prior to that.

I have to work hard to rewire my brain and personality to think positive and ignore the overwhelming urge to be negative, lazy and sarcastic. Why is positivity so much harder?

But I’ll try.

Somehow putting that commitment to try harder on this page makes me feel more duty bound to do it. Like I’ve made a promise to friends, family and random others who know my facebook or twitter accounts and now I have to honor it. That’s a pretty self indulgent and egocentric thing to think – that my words on a blog mean anything to anyone. But hey ho, if it works it can only be a good thing.

Bring on the positivity.

My first step is to tape my Achilles in preparation for getting back in the ring.

(Probably should have shaved first though, this will be painful come removal time)




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