The streets run red with runners

3 07 2011

Despite all the uncertainty in the days leading up to the run, it was race day which would be the decider of fates!

I tentatively decided to test my body on a run yesterday with Mandy. And I was pretty terrible. But – importantly, I covered the distance and my lungs didn’t collapse and I didn’t vomit or pass out (although I did manage to strain my Achilles) So I made the decision. 8.15am at the great eastern women 10km, I was going to run in the 5km event I had signed up for.

We got to the start point around 6.50am so that Alma could start the 10km run at 7.30. We both had some weird nervous energy going and I was still so impressed that she was going to make 10km! When she had gone I had about 45min to start building up some real nervousness. I didn’t really know how to stretch, but it seemed the right thing to do, so I copied what other runners were doing. Ida turned up and I think she was feeling bit nervous too which made me feel better, so we channelled the nervous energy into pre-run photography.


Mandy joined us eventually and wasn’t nervous at all. She’s always so cool.

I had a game plan of run, walk, run, walk, run for each of the five 1km intervals. When the run started though, it all went out the window.

I got quite a good amount of running in in the first part, good pace and constant. By the time I came around by the singapore flyer I had to switch to walking though. I was tired and the sun was searing down. Running is hard at the best of times, but throw in 35degree heat and 90% humidity and its a real killer. The unshaded sections of the route were hard going.

There were two big bottlenecks along the route, one as we came off the bridge and into MBS, and one coming up from the merlion. I imagine these would have been very frustrating for people trying to make a certain time, but for me the slowing was a help. Got a chance to catch my breath and build some enthusiasm up for breaking back into run when I was past the holdup. For the most part I was using audio markers to switch between running and walking. I would run for a song then walk for a song. Seemed an ok system. If I had have been in full health I might have been able to do two songs on, one off. Ah well, next run.

Near customs house I saw ida’s merry ponytail bobbing away in front of me. I don’t know if she had come from behind and run past me or if I had caught up to her, but I increased the speed and caught up with her. We had just under 2km to go, so decided we would run the last km together. The plan was foiled by the merlion bottleneck, but we did do the last 500m together running (except for like a 10 second break when my song finished and I lost rhythm). We ran across the line at around 48mins.

I thought we’d be faster than that cos I’ve walked 5km in 54mins before, so a 6min saving seems hardly worth the extra effort of running. But, as dad said, perhaps I had too much energy in the vertical and not enough longitudinal. Could be right, with so many runners it was hard to get a good rhythm/stride. Maybe I’ll run the route again on my own one day and see if I do any better.

Still, we all made it. Mandy did her 5km in 42min, Alma did her 10km in 1hr 22min. Very very impressive.

The pressure is on now for a 10km one in september. After making it through today it’s something I’ll consider. I’m not even going to entertain Alma’s other suggestion of the half marathon in December. 21km is probably still a bit beyond this little black duck.





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