Assuming the recovery position

1 07 2011

So Friday is here and it’s the first day I’ve felt somewhere near my normal self. Despite working on Monday afternoon and wednesday, I think today is the first day I am actually useful and recovering properly.

I had a false start on Wednesday when the fever broke at 6am. I was convinced that because I was no longer feverish I was healthy. So showered and dressed I trotted off to work. By lunchtime I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I bought up the shelf of cold and flu panadol at the drugstore and steeled myself to keep going. I refused to be sick for a moment longer. I made it eventually and was even feeling ok enough to use my ticket to the Kylie concert. I met up with Alma’s sports hub colleagues who had got all the tickets and immediately started to struggle. They were very social and talkative. I was using every ounce of energy to stay vertical without swaying or falling. Thankfully we got to go into the stadium and find our seats soon after my arrival.


I took another couple of panadol cold and flu (here is where Kirsten, Bec and Jodi will hear alarm bells. They remember our cruise holiday where I got sick, took one panadine and slept without waking for 36 hours – I don’t really do medicine) as the dj started to rev up the crowd. The show was great, I think, I was so doped up. I sat the whole time and tunelessly sung along to the ones i knew – I remember complaining to the girl next to me that if I didn’t get some “indie Kylie” (I.e. Circa impossible princess album) I was outta there in a flash. Based on my lethargy up until that point im guessing she knew damn well I was going nowhere at any speed with or without indie Kylie. Luckily Kylie did pull out the ol’ “confide in me” and I even sang along loudly until my vocal chords gave out about 3/4 of the way through. I found myself watching the jumbo screen a lot though. Partly from my drug haze, but also something I find myself doing heaps at these big scale shows. Seems so stupid. There is the performer in person, singing and dancing their heart out and I’m completely ignoring them in order to watch the image on the big tv. I wonder what others do at these shows? Is it ok to pay the dollars and sit and watch the screens or would I have been better off waiting for the tour to come out on DVD?


Anyway. I walked home from the indoor stadium and had to stop at about halfway because I couldn’t breathe. My lungs had seized up and were killing me. I had to rest, have a massive coughing fit, rest again and then journey home. Bit scary for a while, but made it back ok.

All of wednesday night I kept waking to cough, until my throat and lungs were raw and stinging. I woke on Thursday morning with a temperature again and a deep hot ache in my face, throat and chest. I couldn’t get in to work and instead just sat and sobbed at being defeated by this illness. I cried and coughed and cried more. I just wanted to be well and do all things I had planned to do in the week. I was disappointed at how much further back that set my running plans. I was upset I couldn’t do the work I needed to and was letting people down. And I was just so sick of being sick. Eventually I gave up on relying on the power of my own immune system and decided to see a doctor. I made it all the way to the clinic near my work only to be told there were no doctors in for the rest of the day, so off instead to the 24hour clinic at the hospital. About halfway through the 1.5hr wait in reception I realized I was actually feeling much brighter. The cough was no longer so persistent, my throat wasn’t as swollen and I hardly had a temperature at all. That’s right, after 4.5 dats of illness, my body had discovered it’s defenses mere minutes before being viewed by a medical professional, and now I was going to have to pretend to be sicker than I now was just so it didn’t look like I was wasting the doctors time. Bared on the fact the doctor sent me away with some anti-histamines, a bottle of kids cough syrup and a bottle of a ‘herbal extract’ instead of actual medicine I’m guessing I hadn’t pulled off the act. How annoying.

So today I was back at work. And it was nice. Got some stuff done, made some phone calls and was so happy to be out of the house. I even tried to join in the end of month office drinks, but 3 minutes proved my breaking point and I was too overwhelmed.

So I got my nails done instead.

Mandy and Jen came for dinner with me in orchard and we had a very civilized and quiet night.

Although calorie filled. While I’ve been sick I have taken a very relaxed approach towards food. If I was craving a tub of ice cream I got it. Considering I hardly ate at all and that I was feeling so crap I thought I’d let it slide. And I did still come out the end another kg lighter. But I have lost my discipline a bit now, so back on to after each meal, and no more coffee and cake stops. I’m healthy now so time to get back to working on being healthier. Speaking of which, anyone up for giving ‘dry July’ a go with me?

…now, to run or not to run. That’s the next question. You’ll know of decision after sunday morning.




One response

2 07 2011

Hi Lauren, I feel so sad you have been really sick and being so far from home and your mother’s care! Please be careful doing the fun run,especially if you having trouble breathing, it sounds like you are not giving your body time to repair. Remember to take your asthma pump and take a puff before you start running also stop and walk when you need to.
I’ll give you a ring before Sunday,I’m very proud of you attempting the run but if you are really struggling dont risk your health, there will always be another one.
Good luck, love Mum xxx

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