I’m sick

28 06 2011

I’m dying.

Maybe not dying, but really gross and sick. See?


I had sore lungs on Sunday, was in a great deal of pain with each breath. Reaching out to my facebook community of friends as to what could be the cause I was diagnosed with ‘not having enough sex’, ‘needing to stop smoking’, ‘needing to change the bongwater’ and my loving sister suggested the medically plausible ‘smelling too many farts’. Luckily there were a couple of sensible suggestions in the mix about possible muscular injuries. Around 6pm the fever started, so at least that solved the mystery if the sore lungs.

So for the last two days I’ve been feeling all sorry for myself and driving my housemate alma and her cousin Omar crazy with my coughing and my constantly variable temperature needs (aircon on, it’s boiling / aircon off, I’m freezing).

Aside from general hatred of illness (such a time waster) I’m stressing about all the things that I’ll need to catch up on at work, but really the main thing is being really disappointed. I’ve worked so hard for 5 weeks training for the fun run this Sunday and I haven’t been able to train at all for 3 days, I may not even be well or up to full strength by then. I really want to make it just to prove I can and I hate that this stupid flu is derailing all the effort. Grr.

Serves me right for attempting self-improvement.




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