I’m back…!

24 06 2011

I was speaking to a friend this week and she had just discovered Haw Par Villa. Knowing I had blogged about it, I jumped online to send her a link.

And then I noticed.

That Haw Par Villa post was dated April. April TWO THOUSAND AND TEN! It has been OVER a YEAR?! I’m shocked. It feels like yesterday.

Or at least last month.

I think that’s the thing about Singapore. Time here moves at an accelerated rate. Maybe its something about being on the equator. We have a lot more distance to cover than everyone else with each turn of the globe – the day to day workings here must also move at that faster than normal rate.

From Random Singapore

I love the rate though – I love that there is no time to sit still, that the work is hard and it is fast, that shopping, eating, playing and socialising don’t stop just because the sun insists on going down. This is truly a 24 hour city. Just means that things like blogging and resting and sorting out finances don’t happen because there is no down time. I’ll make more of an effort on all those fronts and more though.

This year has been good – I had my 29th in March, my colleagues got me a cake – aww.

From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore

But it means there is one more year til I hit thirty. Im really keen to be where I want to be by then – get myself healthy, get my career, love life, friendships and finance on track. Career seems to be ok – if more work comes in soon I think things will be continuing in the same way.

Health has been the focus of 2011 – calorie counting and exercise! Neither have been so bad in reality (they sounded horrible when I was just thinking about doing them). Calorie counting has been pretty straightforward using myfitnesspal – I highly recommend doing it if you want to drop some kilos. Easy to do (online and iphone app), quick to do, no forbidden foods, you get to understand what is going in your mouth and it appeals to my scientific side:

calories out – calories in =

weight loss or weight gain

How easy is that? If out is bigger than in, weight loss. If in is bigger than out, weight gain. If the same, weight maintenance. I know we all know that – but this lets you see the numbers and track how you are doing rather than just guessing. It’s been good. Im down about 13kg since year start, modest, but good. My ultimate goal is like 45kg loss all together so still a lot to go, but hey – 13kg less to go now since January, so focus on that!

Anyway, shameless product plug over!

Also, to kickstart the exercise component I stupidly bravely signed up to do a 5km “fun run” (a contradiction in terms, surely?). So, lozlick will reign supreme on the marina bay circuit (or at least cross the finish line – hopefully)

From Random Singapore

Also, I bought a bike to cruise round the streets of Singapore. Sok Poi laughed at it when I showed her because its an “Aunty bike” (one that old ladies ride). But i think its cool. Also my killer helmet helps kick the old lady image I think – Safety first, but style is a close second!

From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore

What else? Oh – I have moved (twice) since the last time I shared my “new home”. I havent got any photos of the flat or facilities, but here are some highlights of my area – Geylang, Singapore’s red light district. (I’ll do some of the flat another time – after the maid has come)

From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore



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