Nerd Alert

30 03 2010

Yes, I write to inform you, dear reader, that I have joined the ranks of the Nerd Army*. Which branch I hear you ask? The photography nerd division. I am preparing to bore you all with my knowledge of focal lengths and apertures and stuff like that (you may be able to tell that I have not yet actually started learning any of that stuff yet – but it is COMING PEOPLE!!!). Yes, I have bought myself an incredibly extravagant birthday present in the form of a digital SLR.

For those of you who are already members of the photography nerd brigade, I have treated myself to a Canon EOS 50D with a 18-200mm lens. My good friend and photog mentor, Michael Whiteman (his works have featured on a couple of my previous blog posts, and his blog ‘broke for going’ is linked on the blogroll on the righthand column of this page(and FYI – it is a cracking read of his (mis)adventures making his way from London to Mongolia in a beat up old car as part of the Mongol Rally with some beautiful photographs too)) recommended the aforementioned setup for a SLR beginner and I think he did a good job – as even without the understanding of it all, I have still been able to capture some half-decent pictures.

For those of you who aren’t photography nerds, at least you can rest safe in the knowledge that there will be lots of lovely photographs here for you to enjoy too.

Of the 250 photos I have taken since buying the camera on Saturday afternoon, there are 20 I am happy to share on my picasa account, and of these I will post my top 5 favorites, just to share the love and excitement.

From new camera!
From new camera!
From new camera!
From new camera!
From new camera!


*I know that I am already a member of the Nerd Army, being an engineer and a blogger – but this post is referring to a NEW membership in addition to these existing ones.




3 responses

31 03 2010

very cool! love the pics and I am very jealous! If you ever feel like buying another camera and giving it away to someone feel free 😉

31 03 2010

Hah, well – to be honest I was hoping to book you in for nerd dates when I get home – we can go on little photography excursions!

Isnt your camera SLR? I was hoping you were gonna teach me how to get photos like yours!

3 04 2010

nah i haven’t got an SLR. Haven’t afforded one yet 😦 but I can give you a very little bit of advice (a very little bit) from what I have read so far 🙂 I have heaps of photography books sitting there waiting to be read!

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