A Singaporean Birthday

30 03 2010

First off, many thanks to everyone for thier Birthday wishes – so many facebook shout-outs, phone calls, texts and email. Was so nice to be thought of by you all.

My birthday was a weekday, so a large portion of it was spent at work – thats ok though, as we shared a cake and I even got a cantonese birthday song sung to me prior to blowing out the candle care of Sok Poi!

From Random Singapore

After work we went to moonstone at Mount Faber to drink cocktails and watch the sun go down. I was joined by Pablo, Seb and Chris from work, Karen from home and my little Singaporean posse – Kristy, Caddie, Nat and Ian.

From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore
From Random Singapore

(Karen and Seb managed to evade my camera somehow!)

Caddie and Kristy even sneaked off at some stage and managed to organise a birthday cake for me. So on that note – and on a very very big thankyou to my friends for making the evening so special – I leave you with me and my moonstone bithday cake:

From Random Singapore



2 responses

31 03 2010

ooh, what’s a moonstone birthday cake? x

31 03 2010

its a birthday cake from Moonstone.

probably sounds more exotic than it is! But it was deliciously chocolatey!

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