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14 03 2010

So to share my Singapore life for the moment, I will begin with sharing a picture of the most intimate of places. My bedroom:

From Random Singapore

I live out in the West of the Island, about 25 mins from city centre in an area called Chinese Garden. Its far less developed out here than in the centre of town and the space is quite nice after crazy bustling days and nights.

I work in an area called Tanjong Pagar which is one stop from Raffles Place for those of you who know Singapore. So it’s quite a central location. The office Im in at the moment is so hot because the aircon is ripped out for the moment, but my desk fan keeps the air moving and makes it survivable. I sit next to a window that looks out across the docks where there are just masses of storage containers – its like lego on a much grander scale. We move into another tower in April which is a nicer fit-out and more modern building – but I dont think I’ll be lucky enough to score a window seat again, so I am going to miss looking out at that ever moving landscape.

There is a cat who hangs around the bike shelter on the way to the fruit shop near work. I love him. He is always stretched out on the little walls surrounding the bikes and always looks so damn hot – I can relate to him. I’d like to stretch out and sleep in the sun too. I’ve decided I’d like to name him but havent come up with a suitable name for him yet – suggestions? Heres what he looks like to inspire you:

From Random Singapore

What else? Well, I’ve started piano lessons – I realised that all Im listening to at the moment is Piano based – its pretty much 100% Amanda Palmer and Randy Newman, so I bit the bullet, zipped up my guitar case and booked in for lessons. My teacher is this tiny little chinese girl who is so serious and strict – we are working through a beginners book and while its frustrating I suppose its the whole ‘you cant run before you walk’ idea. Having said that, I bought 3 books of Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls music and have been picking at that – Im a goddamn rebel baby.

Finally (for the moment) I wanted to show this photo cos it freaked the hell outta me – on the MRT there was a couple where the guy was picking out nits from his girlfriends hair! oh man, gross. Lucky pabs was there on the train with me to act as my fall guy so I could get a pic. Revel in the disgustingness of this people.

From Random Singapore





3 responses

14 03 2010

Good to see your back to writing ur blog, can’t wait to hear more about ur travels xx Bec

20 03 2010

Hello darling daughter,
I had given up even checking your travel blog for new entries ages ago, so it is good to see you looking after your loyal followers again.
That is a really gross photo of the boyfriend checking for nits….did he eat the ones he found like chimps do?
And I the cat you have made friends with … given the location of the photo, why don’t you call him “Wilson”? … then you could pretend tobe Tom Hanks!
Lots of love,

20 03 2010

what are you talking about? Wilson?? Isnt that from that desert island movie? This cat lives in a bike shelter?

Plus im toying with the idea of Kitty Longstocking.

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