And so it begins (again)

13 03 2010

Ok, Ive been slack – I’ve not kept a blog in so long, but in my defence I was striving for perfection in blogging – everything chronologically in its place, no trip left unblogged, etc. And when I dropped the ball on keeping blogging up-to-date I didnt bother picking it up again.

So – I am TRYING to relocate all the Euro blog to a new home so I have a fresh start here. But I cant figure it out. So here it remains for the time being.

This time round I am learning from my mistakes and I dont care if my blog is out of order, if I forget (or am just too lazy) to write up some experience. This time I am just going to write when I feel like writing to someone and cant decide on a recipient – saves me needing to tailor thoughts to ensure relevance and tact, censorship is never any fun even when its for the sake of friends and/or family.

So enjoy.

Or dont.

I dont care. (thats the point.)




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