My new home

24 02 2009

So I am feeling a little more settled into the Midlands now – I have somewhere to live.  It’s in a suburb called Acock’s Green (yeah, so I giggle too everytime I say/write it…). I have an attic to myself in a four bedroom house. Here is a roughly 360 degree tour of it…

My Room
My Room
My Room

My Room

The rest of the house is shared with a guy of about the same age as me with metal hair, t-shirt and goatee and these two retired dudes in thier 60’s. Interesting combo, but everyone is quite nice, and the place is relatively quiet and well connected to public transport. Unfortunately no internet connection as yet – but Im working on it! Hopefully I’ll be back in the land of Skype and Facebook soon! never fear my dear friends and family!!!

Anyway – I found these couple of pictures of Solihull on my camera too, so might as well post them. The first is the church which was directly opposite the hotel I was staying in. Its very pretty but damn those stupid bells are loud – and why do they need to be rung continuously for over an hour every time they start up. urgh… at least I utilised my weekends as there was no danger of me sleeping in?

Solihull Church
The next picture is a statue in the main square at Solihull shopping centre – its an ordinary statue, but I must say I do like the addition of the Macca’s drink and the cigarette. Made me laugh anyway…

Statue in Solihull Square




7 responses

24 02 2009

looks good, surprised you went for upstairs again. I so want sour cream and chives pringles now.

26 02 2009
cheryl davis - Mum

Hi lauren
Cute room, and tidy!. Glad to here you are not homeless and living on the streets in Acocks (snigger). Please email me your address so I can send you refugee parcels and your birthday present.
Lots of love

27 02 2009

Hey Loz … Cool place! Very you, and yes it is good to hear that you are not homeless!
Can you please email me your new address as well, but make sure it is 100% accurate, as last time I sent you something (Christmas present) you never got back to me, so I assume you never recieved it???
Anyway, I hope you are loving your new house and housemates! Keep having fun and keeping us updated!
Talk soon,
Jess xxoo

2 03 2009

love your little home it looks really good I have been waiting for your address too. I now have your blog on MY computer I have bought a laptop and having fun learning. Keep happy Angel, much love Nanxx

3 03 2009
Michael Smith

Glad to see that you finally came to your senses and bought a guitar!

3 03 2009

um, inhereted one actually. I still intend to buy a little traveller guitar. one day…!

19 05 2009

It is now May 19th and absolutley nothing has happened on this trvael blog for well over 3 months. Can we please have something a bit entertaining added pretty soon?

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