Victoria’s Fires

11 02 2009

It’s not often that news from home manages to penetrate the D-list celebrity-centric press here (it takes a lot to get Jordan and Peter Andre off of the front pages!), so when something does make it through it is important.

It’s scary to read about the fires back home in such a detatched way – the articles are written in such a remote fashion, ‘and in Australia widespread devestation…’. How odd. The reports that I have looked at on Austrlian news websites are truly scary – I can’t even comprehend how it must be there – I remember the air in Melbourne in 2007 when bushfires were burning – it was unbreathable, you couldnt see the next closest building from ours. Is it like that now? Is there someone new everyday in the office hearing awful awful news about someone they know? I’m lucky to have escaped that so far – for the most part the people I know and love are safe, but it can’t be long until I hear of a friend of a friend or family of a friend that is lost.

I say ‘for the most part’ because my little brother, who was safely slobbing about the house watching foxtel, has been called up with the rest of his Army Reserve comrades to assist with the various efforts related to the devestation of the bushfires (Michael is pictured below (front most Army man) assisting in the search for bodies – a clipping from The Age).  It’s a funny feeling that I suppose most people with loved ones in the armed forces must deal with – a strange mix of fear for a loved one’s safety and pride that they are so courageous and willing to act on our behalf in dangerous situations. It’s a feeling I suppose we’ll have to get used to if Michael does go ahead and join the military on a more permanent basis as he currently plans to.


Anyway – this is a note to offer my support and love to anyone who has been directly affected by the fires, and a note to Michael wishing him safety and telling him I’m proud of him for stepping up to the plate and helping out when help is so needed.

Much love,




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16 02 2009

Hey love,

I’d just like to say that I’ve very proud of your brother as well. I went up to Whittlesea on Thursday and Yea on the weekend and the devastation up there at the moment is heart breaking. I can’t imagine what it would be like for Michael doing the terrible task that he’s got.


18 02 2009

Hi Loz,

Its truly devestating here. Like nothing Ive seen before. I am so proud of Michael and undersatnd the mental strain it puts you under… we have been very busy at work with 30 burns patients at the moment, Its a image that I think ill never forget. I hope all is well….. global warming at its best has QLD in extreme floods and victoria burning in 46.6 heat. You would be proud to be an aussie donations of money are up to 100million plus clothes and food, nova and vega broadcasting from work to raise money for the burns unit… hope all is well… google sam the koala its so cute,

19 02 2009

Hey Loz,
Now I bet you wish you were home, right? Not! You are in a safe, COLD, part of the world right now, so stay there! We are all safe where we live, so none of us should be complaining. It is so hard hearing hourly updates on the radio of death counts and seeing haunting images on the News every night, and to think that the fires are still burning … Just go out already!
Can you please give Michael a big shout out from hannah and me and tell him we are thinking of him. He is one brave boy! I can not wait until those responsible for the fires are thrown in jail … for life!
Anyway, I hope you are well and happy!
Talk soon, Jess xxoo

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