I’ve Arrived (somewhere else…)

11 02 2009

So I have begun the new adventure that is the Midlands office.  At the moment I’m living in a hotel in the nearest town called Solihull.  It’s very pretty – but absolutely freezing! This was taken at Solihull station when I first visited the office last year.
Solihull Station
Ultimately I think the plan is to move to Birmingham where there is a little more going on – for example, Primark (those kiddies sure make cheap clothes!).  Plus, a whole lot more shopping in the form of the Bull ring – which is one of the UK’s busiest and biggest shopping centres.  Here are a couple of photos of the main shopping street in Birmingham I took last visit:
Birmingham shopping
Birmingham @ Xmas
So – there you have it. This is where I am til August. Im a little out of contact at the moment because Im not settled into a normal residence yet, so aren’t able to get the Skype or outside of work hours email or any Facebook (gulp!) happening yet. Apologies if you can’t get hold of me. I can still check all email at work though, so all correspondence is not off…!




2 responses

12 02 2009

arriving somewhere, but not here

19 02 2009

Cool looking Place! The shopping looks like it could be fun … But cold

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