Crazy Weather

1 02 2009

I spoke to my dad the other day and he was telling me that the temperature in Melbourne on Friday reached 45.1 degrees! (Celsius that is…) Wow. what is going on with the weather.

Meanwhile here in London where Ive been told “it doesn’t snow” Ive been out playing in this…

Snow in Arsenal

Its really really beautiful, I love snow so much. Perhaps it will wear off after being cold and wet for prolonged periods of time, but for the moment it is nothing but exciting and beautiful and magic.

When I stick my head out the window I see this deserted street covered with the soft white blanket – completely undisturbed, no footprints, no tyre tracks. Just clean, pure snow. This is the view I have

Snow - view from my window

And the other way…

Snow - view from my window

and one from my walk into work today. Just for good measure:

Snow near Russell Square




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3 02 2009

Wow! What can I say . . . AWESOME . . . So wish I was there.

3 02 2009

That is beautiful … breathtaking! What an experience Loz, I wish i was there too… Although I am sure you are jealous of our 45 degree days here – yep, nothing better than sweaty butts, frizzy hair and smelly arm pits!

Speak soon xxoo

5 02 2009
Susan Bradford

i’m so jealous… i want some snow … package me up some and send it down

8 02 2009

You can forget January’s pathetic temperature of 45.1 degress Celsius.

Yesterday (Saturday 7th Feb), Melbourne’s all-time weather record was broken when the city hit 46.4 degrees at 3.04pm – the hottest day since the Bureau of Meteorology started keeping records 150 years ago. (For the benefit of your friends in London, that’s 115.5 degrees Fahrenheit.)

… and how do you think we dealt with the extreme heat? … we took your grandparents to the zoo! (I’ll never pick on a mad dog or an Englishman again)

I’d love to see a little bit of snow right now…

8 02 2009
cheryl davis - Mum

Actually The Zoo was lovely! in typical Melbourne weather we suffered all day with extreme heat and North wind and at about 4.30pm the wind turned to South and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. As we got into the car big raindrops fell for about 5seconds and thunder . By the time we got to the Zoo, the wind and rain had stopped and it was a beautiful balmy night with the Moovin&Groovin orchestra and Lion’s roaring. Happy Birthday Mum. Hope you can get some sun soon Lauren so you dont develop some Vitamin D defficient disease. Meanwhile enjoy the snow it looks lovely and not common now in London
Love Mum

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