It’s Official

8 01 2009

First off – hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s been great seeing various photos of you all celebrating via email or facebook – not quite like actually being there, but still great. I successfully ignored Christmas by heading to a Muslim country and seeing fantastic things instead – many photos and stories to follow.

Also a few big things – Happy 60th Birthday to my lovely Annie, and a very big Congratulations to Gabby and Jacob on their Engagement! Wish I could’ve been there with you all to celebrate your special occasions.

So – now to the business side. I got the official word this morning that I will be having my Visa extended another 6 months, and will be staying on in the UK until August this year. From February I will be based in the Midlands office, and will probably be living somewhere in Birmingham. Apologies for no official announcement earlier, but it was up in the air until now.

So, on that note – I guess I will be seeing you all in August! (unless you want to come see me in the UK???) And, don’t worry – I will continue to keep the blog rolling with any other adventures (or misadventures) I may have along the way.

Rock On y’all.




5 responses

8 01 2009

I wonder if there are any good guitar shops up there…

8 01 2009

dont think so – but theres Bournville – yep. thats right. the HOME of Cadbury.

10 01 2009

See you in May!

13 01 2009

Whooo hooo I got a shout out! Hope you’re well my dear! Would love to come and visit but all my pennies are going into the wedding account now! Hope the trip is still treating you well – Jacob was very jealous of your Egypt travels! You’ll have to tell him all about it when you get back.
Stay well!

19 01 2009

August? Wow, thats great Loz. You must be so happy! All your stories are so exciting to read about. But it will be much better when you can tell them is person… I hope you are healthy and happy over there, and I am missing you heaps. BTW Do you know where MS Poo Image is right now, because I swear I saw it next to me at the lights the other day in Hampton???
Take Care Sweetie xxoo

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