Congratulations Michael!!!

4 12 2008
Ero-Space Engineer

Michael: Ero-Space Engineer

Everyone, a big round of applause for my little bro – now a certified Aerospace Engineer.




4 responses

5 12 2008

Aerospace engineer? For Chippendales?

7 12 2008

Ever since Michael first discovered his joystick when he was just a toddler, he wanted to be a pilot (or a stripper).

He was determined to stack the odds of being accepted by the RAAF in his favour by undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Aerospace Enegineering.

And now that he has the piece of paper (almost) in his hand, he will be relying on his natural charm and ability (and publicity shots like this) to convince the Air Force recruiters that he is the sort of person who should be trusted with an aircraft worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Who in their right mind would deny him that opportunity?

8 12 2008
Susan Bradford

you are sooooooooooo evil

9 12 2008

Love the photo…..that’s one to go in the album! hehe it looks like he got that outfit from Sexpo (saw him everyday doing security – it’s a tough gig but someone’s gotta do it!)
Seriously though – i can’t believe he has grown up into a ‘responsible’ young adult…………………………bahahahahahaha!

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