Max Payne

20 11 2008




(…and I’ve seen ‘The X-Ray Kid’, so I know bad movies…)




4 responses

22 11 2008

great pc game though!

23 11 2008

What were you doing seeing Max Payne in the first place???

Meanwhile, how are you coping with the news of Gordon’s philandering ways??? I hope you’re ok.

26 11 2008

see ill still see it, but thats the beauty of umm, how shall i say, not going to the cinema to see it, nudge nudge wink wink, say na more, now i know its poo i dont have to fork out for gold class
saw quantum of bollox the other day, bond films arent what they were, trying to keep up with the bourne flix i think

28 11 2008

I’ll still see it. It can’t be worse than Quantum of Solace…

I’m not sure if the “cinema experience” is worth it these days. A decent TV and home theatre system and you have the same experience for a much larger cost but without the other cinema-going jerks.

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