8 11 2008

Forget any of the heartbreak associated with the album – we are well and truly still on.

Brian, Roger and Paul

No one makes you feel the way your first love does – and tonight, it was amazing – 2 and a half hours of one of the most amazing experiences Ive ever had. I love them all – Paul Rodgers is an amazing frontman – he’s no Freddie, but he’s not trying to be – he’s a star in his own right – a different on-stage presence, but still a brilliant one.

Paul Rodgers

They make sure to acknowledge Fred though, he ‘sings’ a piece called bijou (they use his album vocal track and a set of video images of him singing so it looks like it syncs) and Bohemian Rhapsody draws on old vocal tracks of fred’s for the early part and shares the later parts with Paul – its a nice treatment of a tricky song which is completely synonymous with Fred.

Roger is funny and talented – his take on the traditional drum solo was refreshingly different! Aside from having a drum kit built around him – incorporating each new piece of kit into the solo as it was added, he also used his drumsticks on the bass players upright electric bass – playing both the rhythm and bass line of ‘Under Pressure’ – was very clever.
Rogers Drum solo

and Brian…
Brian May

oh Brian – my first ever love, my idol, my hero – he didnt let me down – he reaffirmed everything, what I wouldnt give to even have a shred of the intelligence, warmth and talent that that man has – its not fair.

And he’s still so sexy! He may not be everyones cup of tea, but you all need to admit he does look good for SIXTY ONE!!! Luv ya Bri!!!

Brian and Roger

For the full set of pics – go have a look at the flickr slideshow




6 responses

8 11 2008

I’m so glad the romance continues.. and that the concert was AWESOME!!

9 11 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

great photos Lauren
I’m so glad they didn’t disappoint. after all what would you do with all those records, DVDs, posters, collection sets and t shirts!

10 11 2008

The concent looked awesome, so glad it didn’t disappoint.
Great pics btw, why are there are soo many of Brian? ….. why wouldn’t there would be !!! hehehe

10 11 2008

yeah I guess he doesnt look bad for 61yo
But he does seem to have very squinty eyes 🙂

11 11 2008

OH MY GOSH THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! I’ve never been so excited to read your blog as I was when I opened and saw a picture of Brian May. After all these years, all those hours listening, studying “Don’t send any letters” and remembering all the brilliance that makes up Queen you have finally seen them live!

ARghhh I’m so excited for you my dear!!!! I knew the concert would reaffirm the love!

11 11 2008

I know!!! Argh!!!! Briaaaaan!!!!!

Ha ha, I’d forgotten all about the ‘dont write me letters’ heh, oh man – thats so funny – im gonna try and find it on you tube – his expression is priceless – actually, he pulled some great faces on stage – he’d stuff up, or forget what he was doing – and he’s so profesh, that you wouldnt know it to hear it, but he’d pull that ‘oh shit’ face and just look at us in front of him shrug his shoulders and we laughed and he laughed – it was awesome – real CONNECTION!!! ahhhh….

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