29 10 2008

Tonight I was lying in bed fully dressed, bed-socks inside moccasins under the doona and hating the cold in London – as I was mid-curse, a loud knocking on the door precedes Cress sticking her head in “Quick, come downstairs, you have to come downstairs and see this!!!” I follow her down and go out the front door and there is our lovely little street filled with snow-covered cars and front gardens. I stood there amazed – my first EVER snow!!! Cress hands me a handful of snow she scooped up from the front fence and I moulded a snowball – and piffed it with astonishing accuracy at a pile of construction materials two houses down. I was SO excited to see real snow! just like in the movies!

Heres out winter wonderland in the backyard, the snow on the outdoor furniture (luckily my camera applies the pink tinge to snow as well as skies?!)

Our Winter Wonderland Backyard

Our Winter Wonderland Backyard




3 responses

29 10 2008

your pink snow is so pretty!

1 11 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

My English Speech Pathologist (at work) is absolutely amazed and believes the weather is truly going crazy over ther.

6 11 2008
Susan Bradford

so jealous about snow in October……….but what gorgeously pink tinted snow!

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