Breaking up is hard to do…

27 10 2008

Have you ever loved anyone so much that you are willing to overlook their shortcomings? Willing to forgive their mistakes? Willing to let the good times and memories float you through the times when they are completely embarrassing? You know how good they can be, you know how talented and amazing and just generally brilliant they are – and while it’s frustrating to see them not reach the level you know that they can achieve, you stick by them, sure your faith and trust in them will not prove unfounded… But eventually you hit a point where you realize it’s time to walk away, time to give up hoping and praying that things will work out – that they’ll be as good as they once were – that they’ll make you happy again. Time to call it a day.


On a highly related note – I got Queen’s new album today.




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27 10 2008

Ohhhhh nooooooooo! That’s devastating. Lauren, you can’t do it, you can’t break up with them. Think of all the good times you’ve shared! Surely you guys can work it out! Maybe see a music counsellor?

Maybe the concert will bring all the love back!!


27 10 2008

Im hoping it will – I just sat there with earphones in, sadly shaking my head. Theyre gonna have to do something special to rekindle this romance. Ah well – we’ll always have Bo Rhap in the bus to the dandedongs.

28 10 2008

Sometimes things can still work out. I mean take the new Metallica Album for example. Its not horrible. but it took 3 of the worst albums ever to get it out. Maybe they just need some settling time, and group therapy.

28 10 2008

That’s terribly sad my friend. Even if it doesnt work out between the 2 of you, may they always be remembered fondly and may they have a special place in your heart. You can always sit down to listen to their albums from the past and remember the good times.
Just promise me you will never forget the kick ass bass line at the start of Breakthrough!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH rock on!
Hey I heard you might be staying longer thatn expected. Man they have screwed you around so much you could come back and be a pro on a St Kilda corner!!!!!!!

K xoxo

29 10 2008

oh yeah, we’ll always have breakthru.

Urgh I know – funny thing is I dont even mind what option goes for my staying here/coming back – I just want to know something for sure! I need to start booking my travel and if Im coming home as planned in late Dec, then I need to book now to be able to get reasonable place fares…!!!

Heh – pro in st kilda. at least it would be close to home!

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