Thu 11th September – Wicked!

18 09 2008

I had neglected to get Shannon anything for her Birthday this year, so made amends by going on and getting her, Brendan and I three £15 tickets to see Wicked, the musical which is based around the witches from the Wizard of Oz.

We met at a pub near the theatre and headed upstairs to the dining room for dinner. Walking in we realised that we were about 40 years below the median age of the people dining in there, and I think Brendan started to freak out that they were the crowd for Wicked and it was going to be some old peoples thing – I told him it was more likely that they were going to go to Billy Elliot next door – Old people love that sappy overcoming adversity crap – gives them a chance to talk about what adversity they’ve had to overcome – “carrying their horses to school in the snow with no shoes…” et al.

After our tasty pub meal we collected our tickets and headed in. What kind of tickets does one get for £15 you might ask…? Upper Circle, Row X. Backs to the wall. What kind of view can one expect from Upper Circle Row X?

Wicked - The Musical
Despite being so far back, we still could see all the action – and even hired some plastic binoculars for 50p for anything we wanted to take a closer look at. The sound was not bad thanks to some reinforcing, and the sets and costumes were amazing. The story is cute, the songs are catchy, the performers are unreal and it was a good show all up – I recommend my fellow Melbournians get to it if they get a chance. I even sent a mental nod to Sylv when the wicked witch sung her ‘look to the west’ line or whatever it is that they use in the ads and always gets stuck in Sylv’s head. Don’t worry, it sounds better in context….




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22 09 2008

Ok, I didn’t read much of this post because Jacob found out on the weekend he’s getting free tickets for Wicked through work! So until the 11th of October I won’t be reading anything about Wicked because I don’t want to have any secrets given away haha.

Hope you’re well my dear!

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