Sun 7th September – Chockers with Culture

17 09 2008

Sunday was a slower start after being out late and drinking (My form has fallen now I have no midweek drinking friends – all those evenings spent training in being witty, charming and interesting while drinking copious amounts of Cab Sav at Fad – wasted.)

I had initially planned to go to Hyde Park and explore – maybe have one of the preachers at Speakers Corner tell me what to do with my life – but the weather was against me – today was an inside day.

I went to Angel Art Market as my first stop. It’s one of my aims for this time overseas to find some art that really appeals – start putting something on my walls so that my flat has a little more personality and feels less like a serviced apartment. I had seen some prints at Portobello which I loved, and the stall holder told me they would be at this market, so I figured it was a good opportunity to get a better look without time constraints or having millions of people surging past me. There was nothing really at this market – it was a pretty sorry excuse to be honest – but my exhibitor was there (and even remembered me from the previous day!) – and Im still in love with their prints, so now its just a matter of making a decision. Theyre great cos they’re quite intricate and make reference to lots and lots of little London things – landmarks, the tube culture, Banksy’s work…so is a nice souveniry thing too, without being too lame – i.e. not a red bus tin moneybox… Im hoping to make my final decision in a couple of weeks for when the Islington Art fair is on – I’ll go buy the artwork then.

From the Art Market I made my way to South Kensington with the aim of getting to the Natural History Museum. However, first stop: Coffee. And what a coffee – the first really good coffee Ive had since arriving, kudos to them – if ever you travel to London and need a coffee, Cafe Milano across the road from South Kensington. When I went to pay, the barista was Italian – that made sense, haven’t met any English baristas who do a good job yet… I live in hope.

The Natural History Museum was great – but soooo busy, too many kids. There should be some sort of limit. I think the main problem is that they make it too much fun – too much interactivity – its like a theme park instead of a museum – I was looking for taxidermied animals, and pinned bugs and jars of body parts – but there were activities, mechatronic dinosaurs – too much. There were some original relics and pieces of interest – this was one dinosaur they had on display that I really liked…

Dinosaur Lamp

Once I got past the dinosaurs and human bodies and animals, and into the geology and metallurgy section there was far less interactivity and far less kids. Problem was – it was pretty boring – maybe museums do need interactivity afterall…? Still – they had an orrery, so that was pretty neat – oooh I love them so much!!!

An Orrery!




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