Friday Night at The Proms

5 09 2008

After a long day in the office (6am start on site! urgh…) I was able to reward myself with a £5 ticket to the BBC Proms. Tonights repertoire was Russian folklore themed – a Rimsky-Korsakov opera called “Kashchey the Immortal”, then Stravinsky’s “The Firebird”.

The BBC Proms

Before any of the music kicked off there was a discussion with these two Russian Folklore experts and some lady from BBC Radio, also in between discussing various Russian fairytales this awesome lady who read just like Benita from Playschool would read the stories they were going to discuss. It’s been too long since I’ve been read a fairytale! I’ve since decided that I will have to invest in a book of Russian fairytales – and maybe the original Brothers Grimm ones – the panel were talking about how todays versions are very much sanitized versions of the gory and explicit originals. Who wants sanitized?!

Royal Albert Hall Seats

The first act – the opera – was ok. I felt fairly indifferently about it – it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I think a big factor was that the Royal Albert Hall is pretty useless acoustically. A combo of the shaping of surfaces and the size of the place meant that some weird echoes were happening – most of the time it wasn’t too bad, but all those strong finishes to Russian sentences – like “-ski” and “-itch” – meant that the last syllable bounced around the place for a while afterwards which was occasionally a little distracting. Also, I wanted to supplement my empty hall photos with one of the hall in use, so took my opportunity while the opera was on and my attention was waning. I took my photos and some pompous English Twat (or as the latins would say, a dorkus-malorkus) told me “you’re not allowed to take photos” – I thought “yeah? Well you’re not supposed to talk, douchebag, so shut the hell up…” – but i said “oh, ok” and put my camera away. Whatever, I already had the picture.

"You're not meant to take pictures"

The second act was the Stravinsky piece – and it was fabulous. So good. I really enjoyed it. Even when it started bucketing down with rain mid-performance, straight onto the sheet metal roof – at least it was a good real-life example of the importance of setting correct rain noise criteria – theres a few people out there who could benefit from such a demo! Anyway, back to the piece…actually – that was all I had to say – it was awesome.

So beyond that, I went home and typed this up. Gotta rest up for another weekends worth of exploring – and catching up with mates – Shan has Emma arriving today so we’re hanging out tomorrow night, and I’m catching up with Nicky in the arvo! hurray! FRIENDS!!!!




One response

6 09 2008

Oh.. and how were the sherbets with Jude?

Also.. are the proms always at Royal Albert.. Love that building and the gigantic gold statue of Bertie over the road…

(have you found the statue of peter pan in Kensington Gardens yet?)

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