Monday Madness

2 09 2008

So you may have noticed I didn’t update after Sunday – that’s because I didn’t do too much on Sunday – I had a sleep in, then a shower, then a nap, then went with Simon for a walk to the local shops and then continued looking when he went home to cook up a Sunday feast (why did it never occur to me to live with someone who loves to cook and clean before?!), found a cute little nature reserve right round the corner – so kicked it with the squirrels for a while. After Simon’s tasty Italian masterpiece I headed into town for a wander – I was aiming to go to the British Museum for the last few hours of the day, but got thoroughly lost as the station I knew was closed for engineering works, so I had to go to the next stop. I ended up spending my last pound for the week on a bottle of san pelligrino and a twin bar milky way (not bad for a pound – go Tesco’s!). I sat in the middle of Russell Square and ate my tasty snack and enjoyed the ambiance (and more squirrels…they’re everywhere like the possums at Treasury Gardens in Melbourne, but squirrels are waaay cuter than possums)

As I was walking back to the station I stumbled across the museum and went in for a look for the last hour it was open – lots and lots of stuff in there, I got halfway through one hall – think this will be a multi-day exercise. There was only one thing I really wanted to take a photo of (an Orrery, it’s a life ambition of mine to one day own one – I think they’re the coolest things ever) and when I got out my camera it said “change battery pack” but my other one is dead too – looks like I’m finally going to have to bite the bullet and get myself an australian to UK power adapter so that I can use my Canon charger…

Anyhoo – that was all pretty boring, and not worth an update. Although one highlight is that I’m pretty sure I got bitten by a spider on my face – I have a bite on my cheek today. I’m too scared to get a doctor to look at it for me though cos last time I went to the doctor and told him that a spider had bitten me and laid eggs in my leg and that I believed they were likely to all hatch and crawl out of my skin he didn’t believe me. Anyway, back to the tales of Today, which was more fun.

Today was the day of the evacuation – our Fire guys have been working with BT tower and needed 120 volunteers to check evacuation methods. May sound like a waste of a lunchtime, but the thing about the BT tower is that it’s 177m high, has an observation deck with 360 degree views of the city and is not accessible to the general public (nor has it been since 1981) Myself and some of the rest of the gang headed over to the Tower and made our hasty ascent (god bless fast lifts!) I’ve attached a couple of images below, but there are a lot more on my Flickr page if you’re interested (click on any of the images on this blog to take you there)

The Sightseers
Hyde Park from the BT Tower

Now I have the Tate and the BT Tower under my belt I’ve decided to make it an aim to try and be evacuated from as many European Landmarks as possible! hah.

After the excitement of the day, I headed off for a relaxing night at the theatre. I headed down to Southwark, grabbed some Nando’s (I had to try UK Nando’s…good, but not Melbourne good – the Veggie burger sounded great though – might have to try that next time) and sat on the banks of the Thames and ate my dinner. At 7pm I headed into Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to watch ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

The Globe
The Globe

It was great – such a good experience, and a really good production of it – especially the part towards the end where the Players finally perform their play for the court, I was killing myself laughing – the actors were all fantastic. Plus the guy playing Puck didn’t even trip up the stairs on stage like I did when I played the same character in my one and only stage appearance at school… kudos to him I say, kudos.




4 responses

2 09 2008

First! hehe

I’m disappointed, I thought an Orrery was something like an Otter? Whoops.

2 09 2008

Your fear of having spider hatchlings emerge from the bite is totally unfounded… …

however … …

it could be a bot fly maggot! (You’ll be able to tell the difference when it starts to move)

2 09 2008

I love squirrels!

3 09 2008

so jealous of your theater trip. That is something i want to do before I die.

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