2 09 2008

Porcupine Tree tickets are Sold Out.




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2 09 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

Bad luck They may be back before you leave
Nana wants you to know she is reading all your blogs but hasn’t worked out how to send you a comment so i will have to go and help her-Then you will get Nana in triplicate like I did last time Sorry
Love Mum XXX

2 09 2008

sad panda 😦

2 09 2008

Shit happens …

3 09 2008

ditto Dr Durham……. you’ll still be seeing queen though!

3 09 2008

yeah – dr d has a point. I suppose. And megan has a better one.

Actually, I looked on eBay and PT tickets are going for around £100 each. thats two and a half times the amount I paid for QUEEN – at least PT are appreciated on this side of the world!

It’s the last show listed on thier tour website, so who knows – based on the response to this show perhaps they’ll add another. Or maybe I’ll just go see them in Luxemburg.

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