Reasons I Heart London (…so far) II

28 08 2008

4. Health Drinks
Such as ‘Diet Coke Plus’. Thats right I said Diet Coke Plus. I spent so many years hearing about how dangerous Diet Coke was, how it was carcinogenic, all that propaganda – only to find out that it’s now a health drink.
Health Drinks
You have the choice of Diet Coke with Vitamins or Diet Coke with Antioxidants. I wasn’t game to try either – I’m waiting for Diet Coke with electrolytes – it’s got what plants crave. Brawndo anyone?

5. Hell Boy II
Ok, so it’s not really a reason for hearting London per se, but it is a kickass movie that I saw in London, so that counts – anyway, I highly recommend it. Guillermo Del Toro, you’ve done it again. And it was totally left open for a sequel – I can hardly wait!




3 responses

28 08 2008

I’ll pass on the DC+. Make mine a “Menergy”! (Ask Spike)

29 08 2008
cheryl Davis

Ok already enough about the food and drink, what about the gos on the people you work and live with. Have you found a laundramat?

29 08 2008

Hilarious! dad is all concerned about changing the world and the wonderfulness you are finding in your travels..and your mum is worried about whether or not you have clean jocks!!

Good to hear you are finding all the important things about London the alcohol one was always one of my faves..

keep the blog up.. it is a great read.

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