Reasons I Heart London (so far…)

26 08 2008

1. Alcohol in Supermarkets.
Awesome – I went to Sainsbury’s after work tonight to do some grocery shopping. Went through the refrigerated aisle – got some ham, cheese, chicken, pasta. Down the cereal aisle – got some stuff for breakfast. Fruit and veg aisle – pick up some onion and capsicoom (or “pepper” here…!). And what’s that right next to the Fruit and Veg? Oh lord – an aisle of wine! Why, the sheer proximity to the Fruit and Veg has already led me to believe that wine is good for you. That’s the sort of positive message about alcohol that Australian retailers just aren’t getting across effectively…

2. Candy Cakes
During my lunch break today I went for a wander around the area near work. Sarah had given me a few hot tips about good cheap food locally. Aside from my sheer delight at discovering that there are Nando’s in the UK (!!!), I came across Pain de jour. Based on the name I assumed this was some sort of S&M venue where your choice of punishment changed every day – turns out it was more of a cafe. And what a cafe! I got a lovely fresh ham and cheddar baguette for £1.65…it didn’t have the ambiance of Radio in Gertrude Street, but it was on par for cost and flavour! So that was pretty neat. Crossing the road to head back to the office I came face to face with Candy Cakes ( Oh. My. God. The most colourful, tasty looking cupcakes you ever saw. I went back after work and got one – it was as good as it looked – sure it cost twice as much as my baguette, but it was worth every penny…err, pence (singular (pent?)).

Candy Cakes

3. The Tube
I reserve the right to revisit my choice on this – but currently, after three days of commuting, I love it.

  • Every station is buried deep underground like some tiled cavern,
  • Everything is signposted clearly so you know exactly where you are going,
  • You have an oyster card that you just hold against a reader, no scanning required,
  • If a train just left, it doesn’t matter – another one is 2 minutes away
  • People are nice on the train, move out of the way to let you off, point out a seat if there’s a spare
  • Station workers are knowledgeable and helpful – for both train and general “where am i?”questions

uhh – that’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure there’s more. I visited that Candy Cakes website to make sure I made the link properly and now I can’t think straight.




10 responses

26 08 2008

Lady those cakes look awesome. And, not only do they have Nandos but they have a bigger selection of peri peri sauces at their Nandos (be still my beating heart).

When are you going to the Tate?! that’s another reason to heart london.

also, do you have black snot from riding on the Tube?

27 08 2008

Bring me back a cupcake! And go to Tesco’s!

27 08 2008

You know they look a lot better than the ones i used to get from wild holy!

27 08 2008

Sounds like you are having a sweet time!!! London seems like the place for you.

Love the blog. It’s become essential morning reading at our place. What’s the work like? Monica X

28 08 2008
Julian Smith

You know they sell alcohol in supermarkets in Canberra? I think Canberra would probably have been a better place to go.

28 08 2008

Lauren! i typed a PS note on your previous post and your blog told me “you are typing comments too quickly, slow down!” and then it banned me from posting comments altogether. you need to have a word with your blog and sort out it’s ‘tude.

28 08 2008

OMG you those cupcakes look amazing! you have to visit there every day for me please. And try a new one each day!

28 08 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

So far all we have heard about is the FOOD!!
What are the people like? Are they looking after you at work/your flat? Have you found the laundramat?
where’s the bit about “I so miss my MUM!”

See you soon
love Mum XXXXX

28 08 2008

Hmmm.. I wonder if we can learn from the Tube and introduce some changes to Connex here in Vicotoria where:-
. Every station is exposed to the elements,
. Everything is covered in graffiti so you can’t read where you are going
. Your soggy metcard jams in the turnstyle
. If a train just left, it’s a disaster because the next one that was due in 20 minutes has been cancelled!
. People spread their crap all over the seats so there are none spare (or none that are actually clean enough to sit on!)
. Station workers are non-English speaking migrants

3 09 2008

so tempting….gawd they look yummy. Plz to be giving another pic or two to fill the eye hunger…

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