First Day in London

25 08 2008

I was fortunate enough to arrive in London on a long weekend. This meant that despite arriving on a Sunday, I still had Monday to explore.

I walked the short distance to the nearest Tube stop, got the dude at the assistance desk to set me up with a weekly Oyster Card (its a rechargable travel card) and braved the tube for the first time. I met Shan at Green Park station and we stopped in at her work and then set off on our walking tour of London.

Shannon started by taking me down Bond St where all the worlds most expensive brands come to play. Lots of amazing stuff that I’ll never own. We walked down Oxford St, with Shannon trying to put everything into Australian context for me “Oh, this is like the London version of Sportsgirl…”. Shan took us to Soho to look at the interesting trendy shops and we even headed down Carnaby St – it was a little more staid than I had thought it would be, but then again my only information relating to Carnaby St is from descriptions of it in the late 60’s. I suppose it’s no surprise that it’s a little different now.

We tubed to Covent Garden and headed towards the markets – there was an aboriginal busker playing the didj so we felt compelled to stop and take it in for a while. We had to go when Shannon got sick of the misinformation regarding didj playing that she overheard Londoners feeding one another. We explored the Covent Garden markets quickly – there weren’t too many stalls left by that time – and headed up to a pub that had a balcony overlooking the activity at the markets, we enjoyed our counter meals and ciders and had a good catch up with each other.

From here we walked towards Trafalgar Square but stopped on the way past a church with a mental leadlight window that I wanted to have a closer look at. It was St Martin-in-the-Field Church and as we went in there was a chamber ensemble rehearsing inside. We sat and listened to this group for a while which was a pretty fab experience.

London 080825

We walked to Trafalgar Square reflecting on our musical experience – I’m not sure what you are supposed to be looking at at Trafalgar Square, but Shan was hoping that little kids posing for photos on fountain walls would fall in and I was hyponotized by this old lady’s back fat. We walked on and discovered ourselves heading towards Buckingham Palace. It was big. And busy. so we kept going. We eventually managed to walk past Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye.  Shan said she knew these great places in the opposite direction to where everyone else was going, but I’m not sure what those places were cos we didn’t go to any.

Once we arrived back in civilization we tubed to our respective stations and now I’m back home and giving my feet a well deserved rest. First day of work tomorrow…!




4 responses

26 08 2008

Sounds like quite a walk

Nice work stumbling into that church, St Martin-in-the-field have quite a renowned full orchestra and chamber group.

Remember to hit up Denmark Street for all the best guitar shops!

26 08 2008

when are you going to the Tate?! also, do you have black snot from riding on the Tube?

28 08 2008
Julian Smith

What was Martin doing in the field??

28 08 2008

Sainting it up.

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