I’ve arrived

24 08 2008

Just a note to let you all know I made it in one piece.

There is more, but I’m so exhausted from the flight that writing is not something I’m able to do at the moment, a follow-up soon. Promise.




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24 08 2008

I am extremely glad to hear that you made it there in one piece.

After all the dramas with getting your passport and visa back in time, who would have thought that we would end up leaving it at home when we took you to the airport!!

Although I share some responsibility for this mishap, I can’t believe that amongst all the OCD sufferers in our family, NO-ONE actually CHECKED that you had it before you left home!!

As I drove back to our place to pick it up and then return to the airport before your flight closed, I recalled a similar occasion (about 23 years ago) when I had to backtrack 40km to retrieve your cabbage patch doll (ugly little spud that it was) from the fish and chip shop at Point Samson (WA), when you realised you didn’t have it!

Now that you are comfortably half a world away, I feel confident that you will now take full responsibility FOR LOOKING AFTER YOUR OWN STUFF!

(Written with love)


25 08 2008

So happy to hear that you’ve made it over there.
All the best for your travels and have a blast.
xxx Bec

25 08 2008

Yay! Wow I can’t believe you’ve finally made it there! Its too huge! Keep us updated on all your travels and stories, I can’t wait to hear them all.
Ps. I’m sorry for having a little giggle at Durham’s entry, please don’t leave your passport in Russia or something!
Take care my dear, and have a fantastic time. And hopefully you’re having a good sleep to get rid of the jetlag!

25 08 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

I cant believe you are there- I was putting a roast on for tea tonight and went to ring you to invite you to dinner -sad moment. Anywho, after a hasty goodbye it was great to know you have actually got there!!
Hope your share house is fun and I look forward to seeing you and Shan in Sept
Love Mum XX

25 08 2008

Have a ball mate. Glad your adventure has begun.

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