Ok, who wasn’t crossing thier fingers for me…?

22 07 2008


I got my “visa” back today – or more to the point – I got my application for my visa returned to me stating “Your application is being returned without assessment”. 

Basically in the time between me being provided with the forms to fill in, and me applying, the system has changed so that only online applications are acceptable. 

The result? I need to fill in the online form, and wait the 20 business days for it to be processed. All this with me being only 15 days TOTAL from flying out.

My HR department are swinging into full gear to find a way around this, and to get things through, so hopefully I’ll be ok – but who knows? I am so annoyed at the consulate though – it took them over 3 weeks to return the documentation to me. Had they got it and opened it and seen it was not completed online, then why didn’t they put it straight back in the post? Why did they hold onto everything for so long? Why didnt they call me to tell me that, so I could’ve started the online application much earlier?

Ah well. I’ll update when I know whats the go.




6 responses

22 07 2008

Jerks! Asshole Jerks!

22 07 2008

Oh well, shit happens! (Have another vodka …)

22 07 2008

:O 20 days….

27 07 2008

I crossed em I crossed em I swear…

16 08 2008

That blows…

18 08 2008
cheryl davis - Mum

Hey Lauren
The flat is tidy, the clothes are washed and packed all we now now is a visa and passport and you will be flying high.
I have everything crossed and have prayed to the highest authority for you so hang on in there and think positive
Lov MumXX

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