Fingers crossed.

27 06 2008

I’ve sent off for my UK Visa today.

I put my passport, work permit, application, proof of funds, proof of employment, proof of qualification, proof of accommodation, and a mugshot-looking passport photo in an envelope and handed it over to the mail room…

Now I’m piss-scared that it’ll
a.) be rejected, and need resubmission over some stupid bureaucratic detail, or
b.) get lost in the return post

cross fingers for me…?




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30 06 2008

Just don’t put it in an Express Post envelope then put it in a red mailbox.

Some dork sent something to my work, making the above mistake, and it took even longer than normal mail because Australia Post had to pull it out of the normal mail to stamp a big sticker on it saying “POST IN YELLOW BOX you colourblind fool!” (or something to that effect) thus alerting me to what a knob-jockey they were on receiving their special stickered letter.

30 06 2008
Aunty Gail

Don’t say “pissed-scared” it’s not nice.

30 06 2008

Sounds like an ideal opportunity for someone in the postal service to engage in some identity fraud…using your identity!!

1 07 2008

what do you mean “you handed it over to the mail room”? you stupidly gave it to me to do that bit… and i had them on fear of death that it had to go Registered post…

we aren’t doing a whiteman!

2 07 2008

eh heh – well, you know – they royal “I”.

we’d better not be!!!

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